Utilising latest processing solutions, and decades of work experience.


Utilising latest processing solutions, and decades of work experience.

New York Fire Sprinkler System Maintenance

For Quality Care & Upkeep, Call Standard Fire Protection

The key to a fire suppression system that works well, stays in good condition, and gives you as few headaches as possible is regular upkeep and maintenance. Any mechanical system will need to be regularly tuned-up for optimal performance, but this takes on an increased importance when it’s something as vital to your property as your fire suppression system. With so much depending on this system being there for you in the event of a disaster, there is no room for error or fault. That’s why we recommend regular, professional maintenance from the experts at Standard Fire Protection. We work with a wide variety of fire protection systems in all types of properties, including high and low rise commercial, industrial, and multi-unit residential buildings, ensuring your system has what it needs to operate smoothly.


At Standard Fire Protection, we know fire suppression systems maintenance inside and out, and we know what it takes to keep them in their best condition. Our maintenance services have been widely regarded as some of the finest in the city when it comes to professionalism, effectiveness, value, and convenience. We personalize your service to your needs, and use our detailed knowledge and skill handle all upkeep services. We can even spot any potential issues before they create a serious emergency or become a code violation, which in turn helps you avoid the headaches that can come from correcting a problem.

What Maintenance Does My System Need?

The key to good maintenance is to customize it to your needs, and therefore your maintenance plan should be as unique as your property. Every building has its own unique features, quirks, and needs, and your maintenance services should reflect that. Maintenance can often be performed alongside inspections to take care of any small issues you may need help with, and likewise it can also point out any potentially forming problems so you can have them rectified as quickly as possible.

Winter Maintenance & Winterization

Winter maintenance is perhaps the most important maintenance you will do all year. Because New York is no stranger to sub-freezing temperatures, snowfall, and ice accumulation, our sprinkler and fire suppression systems need to be designed to work through these conditions, especially parking garages. Winterization ensures that your pipe systems are not damaged through the coldest months of the year, and that they have the proper treatment and applications needed to get through this period without any issues or disruption in your fire protection.


You may need to have some minor repairs conducted before the winter season to maintain ongoing viability. Our team will consult with you on what we find with your system and what we believe you need to be able to get through winter safely and securely.

Winterization often includes the following:

Draining low point drains until water seizes to flow

Installation of low point drains on trapped sections of piping.

Adjusting air compressors to specified range

Compressor and pipe replacement

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“Since 2016, our company has regularly partnered with Standard Fire Suppression for all sprinkler system installations, maintenance, inspection, and compliance needs throughout our real estate portfolio. We look forward to continued success with SFS.”

- Waterman Properties

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- Vinny G.

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