Utilising latest processing solutions, and decades of work experience.


Utilising latest processing solutions, and decades of work experience.

Fire Sprinkler Installation in New York

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In conditions like what you find in New York City, fire suppression is critically important. With so many people in such a small area and tall buildings packed into such tight spaces, even a small fire can have devastating consequences. That’s why our city has some of the most intricate and complex fire suppression rules and requirements in the country, and why every system needs to be built to extremely specific and rigorous dimension and requirements to NFPA 13, NFPA 14 and NYC Fire and Building codes. Standard Fire Protection, we’re the contractor you can turn to when you need a fire suppression system constructed from the ground up. Whether you’re managing a building project, renovating an older building, or simply bringing your fire suppression system into the 21st century, you can count on our New York fire sprinkler system installation services to ensure your property is safe and code-compliant.


With a staff of the industry’s most experienced and knowledgeable technicians, nobody offers service quite like our team at Standard Fire Protection can. We offer full-service design and construction services for fire suppression systems for a wide variety of projects. Whether you’re starting from ground or retrofitting a new facility, you can count on us to create a detailed, compliant, and sophisticated fire protection system that will keep your property safe. We’re your partner throughout the process, offering quality advice and working with you through the challenges so you get exactly what you need. We truly customize your experience, and we even stand by the work we do by offering maintenance, inspections, upkeep, and testing services that keep your fire suppression working at its best once the project is completed.

Experience Standard Fire Protection Difference

Standard Fire Protection has always sought to achieve a level of quality and excellence beyond that offered anywhere else. We do that by offering a truly unique combination of some of New York’s most experienced fire suppression experts alongside modern technologies and materials. When we build your system, you can be confident that not only will it keep you safe, but it will last as well.

Your Partner Every Step of the Way

As your partner throughout the process, Standard Fire Protection works with you all along the way to make sure you truly get what you’re looking for. We can act as consultants on your construction project, ensuring that the necessary arrangements are made to allow for a high-quality and code-compliant fire suppression system installation. By taking care of this during the planning process, construction will be faster and more reliable, and your suppression system will work better and may even look better too!


When it comes to our construction services, we have everything it takes to make the project as fast as possible. We know time is money, so we do everything we can to get your construction done as quickly as we can. That means you can move on with your project faster, finish quicker, and start enjoying what your property has to offer in a shorter amount of time.

We build high-quality, customized fire suppression systems for all types of buildings, including:

Commercial buildings

Industrial properties

Medium-density residential

High-density residential

High-rise properties

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The standard of care, professionalism, & integrity exhibited by all staff has resulted in dozens of successful projects at each asset.

“Since 2016, our company has regularly partnered with Standard Fire Suppression for all sprinkler system installations, maintenance, inspection, and compliance needs throughout our real estate portfolio. We look forward to continued success with SFS.”

- Waterman Properties

“Standard Fire is one of my preferred vendors here at 1WTC.”

- Vinny G.

“The comprehensive user friendly web-based system provides and easy and efficient way in locating past and present documentation pertaining to billing, R&M work and all documentation required for local law 26 compliance.”

- Pete B.

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