Utilising latest processing solutions, and decades of work experience.


Utilising latest processing solutions, and decades of work experience.

24/7 New York City Fire Sprinkler Repairs

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In order to constantly be at the ready, the water lines that feed your fire sprinklers need to be filled, under pressure, and sealed. However, they won’t stay like that forever. Problems can and do emerge in any fire protection setup, and that’s when you’ll need to have the issue fixed. However, these problems are not something that you can easily ignore—they can create all kinds of safety problems, damage your property, and make life inconvenient for tenants, employees, and more. That’s why you not only need the peace of mind of knowing that your repair will be done right, but that it will also be done quickly. That’s exactly what we offer here at Standard Fire Protection: fast response, quality work, and expedited solutions that get you back to normal right away.

Standard Fire Protection combines world-class customer care and the latest and greatest technologies into a team that you can depend on for all of your fire suppression system needs. We understand the stress you’re under when something goes wrong with your sprinkler system, so we offer services that are truly tailored to you and your needs to fix them. We also know that you don’t get to choose when your problems happen, so we make sure we’re ready to help when they do. That means being available to help 24/7 for those emergencies, and coming to you as soon as we can so the issue can be fixed and your property stays protected.

Ready to Handle All of Your Sprinkler Problems

Plenty of things can go wrong with your sprinklers. Seals can break, pipes can crack, and spigots themselves can fail, resulting in water pouring into your building. Some problems are small and easy to overlook, while others are so large and destructive that it’s impossible to ignore them at all. Whatever is wrong with your system, you can trust that Standard Fire Protection will be there to fix the problem. Combining the greatest in modern technology with customer-focused service, we’ll make sure your issue is resolved quickly and effectively so that it won’t return anytime soon.

One of the reasons so many property managers and owners across the city depend on The Standard Group is because they know they can trust us to be there when they need urgent help. Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can help you with those sudden and unexpected emergencies that simply can’t wait. With our rapid response capabilities and fast solutions, we’ll have your property up and running again as quickly as possible.

We’ll fix your sprinkler problem, no matter what it is. That includes:

Pressure loss detection

Leaking pipes/fittings

FDNY violation

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The standard of care, professionalism, & integrity exhibited by all staff has resulted in dozens of successful projects at each asset.

“Since 2016, our company has regularly partnered with Standard Fire Suppression for all sprinkler system installations, maintenance, inspection, and compliance needs throughout our real estate portfolio. We look forward to continued success with SFS.”

- Waterman Properties

“Standard Fire is one of my preferred vendors here at 1WTC.”

- Vinny G.

“The comprehensive user friendly web-based system provides and easy and efficient way in locating past and present documentation pertaining to billing, R&M work and all documentation required for local law 26 compliance.”

- Pete B.

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