NFPA-25 and FDNY Inspections, testing and maintenance

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Is your property truly protected and safe from fire? While fires are unpredictable and can start anywhere, a fire suppression system can help minimize the damage they can cause. However, they can only do this if they’re in good condition and set up to protect you. If you want to know that your fire protection system is up to the task, it’s required to have it annually inspected by a licensed and highly-trained team of industry professionals. That’s just one of the services we provide here at Standard Fire Protection—comprehensive inspections and testing for fire sprinkler suppression systems in all types of buildings and applications.

Standard Fire Protection believes that your property deserves the utmost care and attention when it comes to something as crucial to your safety as fire sprinklers. That’s where our expertise and training is invaluable—our years of experience in the industry has helped us gain a complete mastery that you can depend on for quality and reliability each and every time. Our inspection services are thorough and detailed so you can be confident your sprinklers will be there if you need them, and we offer comprehensive testing to make sure of it. Plus, as a fully-licensed sprinkler tester and service provider, we make sure you remain fully-compliant with all building codes and testing requirements, keeping you free to handle other challenges of building ownership or management.